Dogs are heavier on the scale.

I was flipping through the newspapers to find this mind taking opinion that made me think…

A well known Assembly that defends animal rights in Australia is demanding a law that say: If you do not bring your dog to walk you will be presenting yourself to prison and of course, the Assembly hopes to ratify by the government.
I think for a moment… As a person living in Canada, people here take good care of their dogs and treat them as if they were their children (I hope I am not offending anyone). Then I look at the people in Palestine who are suffering and denied the basic rights of surviving that are approved by all international organizations. I look at how Palestinians are denied the rights of freedom whether its speech or even moving around.Let;s not forget the people of Gaza who are living under the siege, especially after the aggressive attack back in 2008 and how it left thousands denied to live with dignity. And how the kids of Palestine are deprived out of their childhood and how Palestinian mothers give birth at checkpoints, and how Palestinians are killed in cold blood and how Israel are stealing internal organs of the martyrs. Even the right of accessing the places of worship are denied. Moreover,dirty Zionists burning their mosques. More importantly those who are in prison and denied the right to even see their families! Giving them the dull side of life while the dogs of Australia and Canada and all the countries of this worlds are given the right to see the beautiful bright world.(blessed they are)
I sit, drinking my coffee and thanking God I live in a safe place and think… What kind of justice is this? Dogs have more rights than humans; than the innocent civilians of Palestine!
Blessed the dogs of Australia.. and congrats to the animals of Europe and what a decent life they are living and I am sorry for those who stress over the issue of justice and the importance of enabling the people of Palestine to live with dignity. Unfortunately some people out there find their dogs more important than the people of Palestine who are suffering on the daily basis and fighting for the most basic right out there.


3 Responses to “Dogs are heavier on the scale.”

  1. zawjat dajani Says:

    it’s sad isn’t it sister? what’s even worse how Palestinians in exile are treated in Europe. I have seen it with my own eyes with my husband…very sad wullah…as you said they treat their own pets better than Palestinians. By the way it’s just the Palestinians who treated bad..other nationalities/refugees (i.e. somalis, kurds) are treated as human beings!

    Em Sidra

    • palroses Says:

      I know it’s really sad…
      Palestinians are being treated lower than animals.
      I have experienced it outside of Palestine, I can only imagin how its like inside of Palestine…
      May God help them..

  2. zawjat dajani Says:

    May Allah’s curse be upon those who converted justice into personal revenge and haterd…may Allah have mercy on the victims of this dirty game ameen

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