Haiti Takes Over The Spot Light.

Gaza, who the world stool silent to when it was under the Zionist attack for over 20 days. The city was greatly damaged and yet no one offered help.  You would say I am feeling pretty jealous at the moment of the Haitians but I am not. I truly find it unfair that they receive this huge amount of help while some other parts of the world are being ignored even thought they have suffered great damaged. We always turn our eyes and ears away from the true victims not that the Haitians aren’t victims but still. I see Arab leaders running to help the victims of Haitians and I have no problem with that at all, but I feel disgusted of what they are doing. They are total hypocrites. When Gaza was under attack they did nothing to aid them or help them. Some countries even banned demonstrations to be held for the people of Gaza. I just realized how unfair our leaders are. They should have helped the people of Gaza that supposedly are their brothers and sisters as they claim in public speeches but when it comes to reality those speeches are just faded memories and dreams.


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