Absolutely Nothing To Do- Stalkers & Freaks

So, I thought I would start writing since there is nothing to do but to take it all out before I explode upon my brother. I wake up this morning and I realize I am home alone with my younger brother and with nothing to do. Thanks pa, for leaving us! I walk to the window to make sure my car is still parked but nope, it seems like my dad decided take my car and drive around town.

So here I am complaining and bitching about it because there is nothing better to do and with no chores to be done, I’ll be stuck all day long typing random crap on my blog (apparently the word “blog” doesn’t exist, because it’s underlined in red which usually means there is something wrong about it) or maybe it should be written Blog- nope! it’s still wrong. Enough with that LOL, you can probably tell by now that I am bored.

Today, one of my friends was complaining about how her “friend” or shall I say her stalker isn’t leaving her alone. Honestly, I have had this problem before but thankfully I decided to ignore this person and when I did this person decided to threaten me so I simply  said in Arabic “أعلى ما بخيلك إركب”  which means “do whatever you want, I don’t give a crap” or something like that, and  this person simply stopped harassing me because obviously I wasn’t scared. People like this should just be left ignored and whatever they post on your blog, Facebook or whatever can just be deleted it or simply blocked. They need to get a life as well. That’s another.

This really pisses me off, because those people only want to make your life miserable, but lol who do they think they are messing with, either it was me or my friend. I think she can handle a freak who keeps following her everywhere.

Another thing really bugged me about this situation is the fact marrying someone or getting engaged to a certain person from a different country doesn’t make you like a person who doesn’t care about their traditions. “يعني بالاحرى مش معناتو إنو الواحد بكره أهل بلدو، بس شو صار لو الواحد يغير … القيامة مش حتقوم.” But I personally is a very patriot person, and I would only choose a person from my country… But it’s never a problem to marry someone from a different region or country. Enough with that, I am bored of the subject.

I think I have to go now make lunch before my brother breaks something on my head for being so lazy, LOL.



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2 Responses to “Absolutely Nothing To Do- Stalkers & Freaks”

  1. Amoona M. Says:

    GREAT =) wallahi you talked right from the bottom of my heart !! I love your style, striking and yet light words, keep it up 😉

    And thanks for the support, you’re right, lazem atannesh 😀

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