Palestinian Hip-Hop/Rap

Some of the few groups or individuals in the Arab world who I think are successful in the music they make and the lyrics they write.

Four of my favourites were; Darg Team, Rami GB, Majzarrah, and DAM.

Starting with: Darg Team

This group is based in Gaza and most of their lyrics reflect their life in Gaza.

Majzarrah ( Fouad Abdul Hadi)

Majzarrah (Fouad Abdul Hadi) is originally Palestinian from Tulkarem and he’s been rapping for a few years now. Most of his songs go to Palestine and the Israel occupation.

Rami GB

One of the very good songs I have heard for this particular rapper. He’s honestly got great beats and strong lyrics. Rami is Palestinian from Jenin and because of the destruction that was caused by Zionist Israel he had to move and live in Ramallah. His album just recently came out in December and this is the play list to his CD.

DAM (Da Arab MCs)

This band is from the occupied lands of Palestine. This song is one of the most popular songs ever. It’s world wide and I think it’s their best song. Very emotional and truly describes the hardship the Palestinian go through. Some of the scenes in this song made me cry in anger…

I hope you enjoy my taste in this genre… I really like those two groups and two artists. They have got deep lyrics that struck me really hard inside.


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