Facebook BLOCKED!

 So after last night’s fight with my dad over the wireless network’s password I was faced with another problem…

I woke up this morning eager to get to school and happy that I have my first class as a spare. So I run down to the library with my laptop and settle on a table and turn on my Mac.

I miss you ❤


I type in Facebook.com this is probably my #1 addiction and it’s driving me crazy. So meanwhile I wait for the Facebook page to load but unfortunately it doesn’t and I refresh the page 50 times and no use. Fuck!

I go over to the librarian and ask her what the deal was and she smiled and said that kids were always on Facebook and it was disturbing others and school computers should be for educational use only. At that point I was about to scream and go crazy over her! I don’t know what to do now or how to update my status or post pictures and videos or reply back to comments!

The only reason I use Facebook is to post material that is EDUCATIONAL! I swear! IT’S ALL EDUCATIONAL! History and politics are educational, right?

So here I am bitching and blabbing about my misery… I am double upset right now. School is boring without Facebook and my dad thinks I am addicted to something called “internet bullshit” or that’s what he calls it. I always tell him “But dad! My grades are high so why are you upset!” and apparently my dad didn’t have the whole grades issue in mind but he was doing it for “my own good”. That’s what every parent says…

Meh, whatever I am off now to read the news and thank God there is Twitter, which I can update through.


7 Responses to “Facebook BLOCKED!”

  1. Douja Says:

    Haha that is too funny

  2. Kamz Says:

    Aww my baby…So sad…lol…try learning some hacking! 😛

  3. Kamran Says:

    try being me for a while 😉

  4. Kamran Says:


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