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List of “Israeli” Massacres Against Lebanon Since 1948

April 27, 2010


  • Qana Massacre #1 on Apr 18, 1996
  • Nabatiyeh Massacre on Apr 18, 1996
  • Mansouri Ambulance Massacre on Apr 13, 1996
  • Al-Zahrani Massacre in 1994
  • Aitaroun Massacre in 1989
  • Iqleem al-Toffah Massacre in 1985
  • Bier al-Abed Massacre in 1985
  • Sohmor Massacre in 1984
  • Sabra and Shatila Massacres in 1982 (2nd invasion)
  • Al-Abbasiyeh Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Khiam Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Adloun Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Kawneen Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Rashaya Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Al-Ouzaii Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Bint Jbeil Massacre in 1976
  • Aitaroun Massacre on May 17, 1975
  • Yareen Massacre in 1974
  • Hanin Massacre on Nov 26, 1967
  • Houla Massacre #2 in 1967
  • Houla Massacre #1 in 1949
  • Salha Mosque Massacre in 1948

  • Brital Massacre on Aug 14
  • Ali Nahri Village Massacre on Aug 13
  • Bourj Al-Shamali Massacre #2 on Aug 13
  • Jibsheet Massacre on Aug 13
  • Al-Tayri Massacre on Aug 13
  • Rwais Massacre in Aug 13
  • Rshaf Massacre on Aug 12
  • Kharaib Massacre on Aug 12
  • Marjeyoun Convoy Massacre on Aug 11
  • Akkar Massacre on Aug 11
  • Mashghara Massacre on Aug 9
  • Ghaziyi Massacre #2 on Aug 8
  • Shiah Massacre on Aug 7
  • Ghaziyi Massacre #1 on Aug 7
  • Houla Massacre on Aug 7
  • Ansar Massacre on Aug 6
  • Qaa Massacre on Aug 4
  • Taibeh Massacre on Aug 4
  • Maaroub Massacre on Aug 1
  • Harees Massacre on July 31
  • Qana Massacre #2 on July 30
  • Srifa Massacre on July 29
  • Yater Massacre #2 on July 28
  • Deir Qanoun Massacre on July 28
  • Nabatiyeh Massacre #2 on July 25
  • Silaa Massacre on July 19
  • Ainata Massacre on July 19
  • Sour/Tyre Massacre #2 on July 19
  • Nabatiyeh Massacre #1 on July 19
  • Nabi Sheet Masscre on july 19
  • Al-Hawsh Massacre on July 17
  • Al-Rmayleh Massacre on July 17
  • Ebba Massacre on July 16
  • Tyre Civil Defense Massacre #1 on July 16
  • Borj El-Shamali Massacre #1 on July 16
  • Aitaroun Massacre #2 on July 16
  • Marwaheen Massacre on July 15
  • Zebqeen Massacre on July 14
  • Baraasheet Massacre on July 14
  • Yater Massacre #1 on July 14
  • Dwair Massacre on July 13
  • Aitaroun Massacre #1 on July 12
  • Note: This condensed list does not contain all the “Israeli” massacres. There are hundreds of other Massacres including those committed against the Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians.


    Quotes of True Inspiration. (More to come)

    April 13, 2010

    Qana Massacre • April 18.1996-2010

    April 9, 2010


    Qana Massacre 

    18 April 1996, The “ethnic cleansing” operations carried out by the Zionist terrorist army have encompassed not only Palestinian civilians, but Lebanese civilians in south Lebanon as well.
    In an attempt to break the power of the Lebanese Hizbollah organization, Zionist forces undertook a military operation against south Lebanon. This operation was likewise based upon the Zionist mentality, supportive as it is of blood-letting and terrorism and based upon the belief that “exercising pressure against Lebanese citizens . . . Will lead in practical terms to comprehensive, overall pressure on account of which the Hizbollah organization will be obliged to adhere to a ceasefire.”59 Given this reasoning, the Zionist forces bombed the shelter which was providing refuge to approximately five hundred Lebanese, most of whom were children, elderly and women who had been forced out of their homes by Israeli raids on their villages, andwho had been unable to get to Beirut. This bombing led to the deaths of 109 Lebanese civilians and seriously wounded 116 others. During the attack, Israeli forces used between 5 and 6 advanced bombs designed to explode above their target in order to cause the largest possible number of casualties. Moreover,international investigations confirmed that the Israeli forces had deliberately targeted  the shelter.60      


    Ali, one of those wounded in the attack, says, “I fled in the morning with two friends and went for refuge to the emergency forces in Qana. I had my wife and my four children with me. They led us into a shelter where there were about fifty people. Then suddenly the sound of bombing rang out. A first shell, then a second fell near the shelter, and as we were trying to get out, another shell hit the shelter directly. I don’t know what happened to my wife and children.”61 Fadi Jabir weeps as he talks about things he saw after the Israeli bombs fell on those who had left their homes to come to the base for the UN Fayjiya peace-keeping forces. He says, “I heard people shouting ‘Allahu akbar!’, and a woman fell down unconscious. I reached out to get an idea what had happened to her, and her brain fell into my hand.”62 As for Sa’d AllahBalhas, who was wounded by a piece of shrapnel in the Zionist massacre, he says, “In one second I lost everything: my children, 14 of my grandchildren, and my wife. I don’t want to live anymore. Tell the doctors to let me die.”63

    Interested in knowing more about other massacres committed by the Israeli Zionists? Check out this website.

    Deir Yassin – April 9th. 1948-2010

    April 8, 2010

    Early in the morning of April 9, 1948, commandos of the Irgun (headed by Menachem Begin) and the Stern Gang attacked Deir Yassin, a village with about 750 Palestinian residents. The village lay outside of the area to be assigned by the United Nations to the Jewish State; it had a peaceful reputation. But it was located on high ground in the corridor between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Deir Yassin was slated for occupation under Plan Dalet and the mainstream Jewish defense force, the Haganah, authorized the irregular terrorist forces of the Irgun and the Stern Gang to perform the takeover.

    In all over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered. Fifty-three orphaned children were literally dumped along the wall of the Old City, where they were found by Miss Hind Husseini and brought behind the American Colony Hotel to her home, which was to become the Dar El-Tifl El-Arabi orphanage.

    Part of the struggle for self-determination by Palestinians has been to tell the truth about Palestinians as victims of Zionism. For too long their history has been denied, and this denial has only served to further oppress and deliberately dehumanize Palestinians in Israel, inside the occupied territories, and outside in their diaspora.

    Some progress has been made. Westerners now realize that Palestinians, as a people, do exist. And they have come to acknowledge that during the creation of the state of Israel, thousands of Palestinians were killed and over 700,000 were driven or frightened from their homes and lands on which they had lived for centuries.

    غزة .. كوكتيل دم ومزايدات

    April 5, 2010

    و غزة هنا .. ليست الشريط الجغرافي على المتوسط جنوب فلسطين .. و إنما هي بغداد أول أمس وبيروت الأمس … هي محرقة العامرية والضاحية الجنوبية و مخيم جنين….

    هي الدم الفلسطيني المسفوك بأيد إسرائيلية و عربية و فلسطينية … الإسرائيليون لم يفاجئونا بشيء ،فالقسوة و الإجرام و القتل العشوائي و الذبح الجماعي لشعبنا ..جزء من كيان عنصري يرى حياته في موت الاخر..

    و العرب لم يفاجئونا منذ انطلقت الطائرات الأمريكية من قاعدة العديد في قطر، أو منذ تحركت قواتهم لمحاربة العراق إلى جانب اميركا …

    لم يفاجئونا أيضا حين ساهموا في حصار وتجويع أطفال العراق … و لكن يفاجئنا من صفق للإنقسام الفلسطيني ، حتى جعلنا نظن عبر فضائياته وسياساته أن فلسطين هي غزة الجغرافيا ويرى فيها دولة كبرى لأن سكانها ربما أضعاف رعاياه المتخمين….

    نعم .. غزة هي فلسطين، وإن أي شبر من التراب الفلسطيني هو فلسطين في عطائه وتضحياته … ولكنه لن يكون … كل فلسطين … حتى لو شاء ذلك الأخوان…. غزة للشعب و ليست لتنظيم سياسي و إن أعلن الخلافة الإسلامية و حصل على بعض الفتاوى الأموية أو القرمطية …
    إن الذي يدعو لمواجهة غير متكافئة مع الإسرائيليين هو ذاته الذي ينتظر التوازن الإستراتيجي مع إسرائيل منذ أن حفروا البحر ….و هو من قال أن مهاجمة حزب الله خط أحمر …. وإستمر حزب الله يقاتل و ليس وراءه غير الله، وكذب الكذابون ..
    و أخيرا جمدت المفاوضات غير المباشرة إحتجاجا على عدم البدء بمفاوضات مباشرة…وهم يدعون أهل غزة لرفض التهدئة ريثما يحصلون على مفاوضات مباشرة مع اسرائيل ….

    و إن من يرسل مساعداته من الخليج هو ذاته الذي طرد أبناء غزة الفلسطينية من دوله وجوعهم بعد حرب الكويت، و هو الذي لا يزال يغلق باب العمل أمامهم ليعلن نفسه مغيثا ، ببعض الطرود الغذائية المصادق عليها من المكتب التجاري الاسرائيلي في عواصمهم …فسبحان الله عدد كلمات وحلقات برنامج الشريعة والحياة….
    إن الذين تواطأوا على غزة.. و الذي يقصفها و يحرقها هو من ساند.. إنقسامها مالا و إعلاما، و لو كان لديه جيش لأرسله لتعزيز الإنقسام.. و لكنه و الحمدلله لا يمتلك إلا كتيبة من الإستجداء لأمريكا لتمنحه البقاء على الكرسي مقابل منحها وطنا… بشعبه و مقدراته ..

    إن الذي يقتل غزة هو من قتل.. أفغانستان عندما تضخمت أحلامه أكبر من حجمه، فاعتقد بأنه معادلة دولية و إقليمية تكتمل عند اللعب بالدم الفلسطيني … فهو على كل حال مسفوح …

    غزة الآن كوكتيل … من دم مظلوم … و تواطؤ مذموم و مزايدات محمومة … فهي سوق لمن أراد إثبات حسن النية لإسرائيل و إمريكا … و هي شاشة كبيرة لمن أراد أن يظهر نجمًا و قائدًا و أسدًا و ثائرًا ….
    تواطؤوا تاريخيا على ذبح الشعب.. و ساهموا في حصاره و منعوه من العمل في بلادهم … فاحذريهم يا غزة إنهم يؤمنون بمقولة “ان الحرب تحيك نسيج الدول” و هم يريدونك دولة…فلا تغريك أصوات الطبول القارعة… بالدعم و المدد فإنهم طبول جوفاء ……. و عودي يا غزة لمرفأك الفلسطيني ..و إن متنا جميعا ،فالموت مع جماعتك رحمة…و أعذريني يا غزة لانني لم أتكلم عن المقاومة و الممانعة و إبادة اسرائيل…فمن كثرة الكذابين، لم يعد للقول طعم.
    و إن كان لابد من القول …. فقد تكلم الدم على الارض و هو الشهادة و أبلغ الكلام، و ليبتلع البحر من يقولوا ولا يفعلوا…

    عن وكالة معــًا … بقلم : كمال همــاش


    April 3, 2010

    In April, 2002 that tragedy of the Thirties has been repeated but this time on the hand of the Israeli army in a way more brutal and inhuman. Jenin like the other Palestinian cities occupied in 1967 had witnessed all kinds of the Israeli inhuman occupational procedures and practiced all kinds of resistance to repulse that occupation. When the Palestinian National Authority was established after Oslo agreement, Jenin looked forward a better future within a Palestinian independent state. But because of the Israeli procrastinations Palestinians revolted declaring the second Intifada. Jenin has been a fortress of steadiness in front of the Israeli aggressions. Israel described it as the fort of the Palestinian terrorism, thus relentless attacks were committed against it using all the kinds of the strategic weapons.

    Jenin today

    Jenin lies on an area of 18,799 square KM, 3,973 square KM are inhabited. According to the census of 1997 it contained 3627 buildings, included 5972 residential unities. In 2001 the population reached the number of 30, 637.

    Most of the necessary services are available, that it contains 18 schools for males and females, a library, three gyms, a cultural club, ten humanitarian societies, eleven mosques, a church and four shrines.

    Concerning health care, it includes two hospitals, 66 clinics, a fire station, police and other government’s bureaus.

    On the land of Jenin, Israel established two illegitimate settlements: Kadeem which was established in 1982 and Janim established in 1983.

    Jenin Refugee Camp

    In 1953 after the catastrophe of 1948 (Al- Nakba) the UNRWA established the camp on a land of 372 acres (now it extends to about 1000 acres). Jenin Refugee Camp contains those who are originally from Haifa. In 2001, the population estimated to 10, 529, it is expected to increase to 11,536 by 2002.

    People in the refugee camp practice different kinds of economic activities that there are 161 private sector establishments contain transformational industries, small workshops, restaurants and shops. The educational services are available so that there are 5 schools for both males and females as well as some clinics can be found.

    A 23-year-old girl Hanan describes what happened in the first three days of the Israeli attack on Jenin saying: “we had nothing to eat; my sister fainted because of hunger. We almost suffocated of the smokes released from an adjacent burnt house. Sometimes, some fighters sheltered in our place. We were too many so that we finally decided to leave no matter what. Raising white banners with a bunch of women we moved on through the camp. We had to stop when an Israeli sniper opened fire at us, we raised our hands shouting that we were civilians. She said that the Israeli soldiers stopped men and let women go. Halla, Hanan’s sister, said that it was difficult to recognize the camp of Jenin after all this devastation.

    After the InvasionVandalizing the Homes

    After killing, the Israeli forces called “the snipers” started to burst into houses and destroy their contents. Hassan Abu Na’she’s house was exposed to destruction by the Israeli soldiers who occupied the second floor. Abu Na’she said that his house was a shelter for people who ran from the massacre. Fatheya Abu Na’she said that the Israeli bulldozers demolished a wall of the house rooms. It was only God’s will that saved about 70 people inside the house from death after bulldozing the wall, Fatheya said.

    Even the pictures were not left alone. The Israeli soldiers burnt pictures, pictures and children’s toys. They destroyed kitchen contents, blew doors up, killed cattle, vandalized drainage and electricity net and used many electrical sets to shut the doors where their snipers were. Even my sons’ apartments were completely destroyed, Fatheya Abu Na’she said.

    Secretary of the Red Cross, individuals from the Red Crescent and I entered the refugee camp of Jenin with the rescue equipment. The Israeli army allowed only a truck and small vehicle to be taken into the camp for rescue. I saw the destruction, I saw the execution of everything alive, I saw the execution of houses, bodies of the dead under the debris, a 60-year-old woman eliminated by a shot in the forehead, four bodies belonged to four old men. The Israeli commander told us that it was only an execution. We took out seven stinking bodies, and when the Israeli army refused to let us to enter the equipment. Since we were not able to do our jobs we agreed with the Red Cross to call for an international committee for salvation”.

    Ahmed Farraj (70) described his experience by saying that he and his family had to seek a shelter in the bed room considering it safer than the other ones. After three days I asked them to leave the house, the only thing I was thinking of was saving them, he said. He stayed at home while his wife and daughters empty-handedly left the house for some relatives outside Jenin camp. I waited alone for 24 hours, but eventually I had to leave the house for a safer place when I saw the Israeli military bulldozers heading towards me, he added. Some people told him that his son was killed, some one saw his body, while his other son appeared few days later. I will ask people if they saw her (his wife) and my daughters…I am a dead man, but I still have part of my family to look after, sadly said. Answering a question whether he is going to rebuild his house he said: how do you want me to rebuild it? I lost all of what I had, I don’t have any money for that. While talking to Ahmed Farraj another old man slowly approached. He was also alone, doesn’t know any thing about his family who left the house which was demolished by the Israeli army. Israeli children go to schools, play and swim…but this is our sea (pointing to the debris), all cases have solution except ours, the old man indignantly said. ( Al-Quds Newspaper 22nd. April.2002)

    This is one of the many massacres that has been committed against our people in Palestine for resisting . May they rest in peace.

    Quotes of Opinion – Translated to English.

    April 2, 2010

    هويتـنا الوطنيـة تتآكل من الداخـل. أصبح شبابنا وصبايانا مأمركين ومعولمين أكثر مما هم فلسطينيين… وتهمهم آخر صرعات الموضة أكثر مما تهمهم آخر الحلول المقترحة لتصفية القضية الفلسطينية… ويهتمون بأخبار هيفاء وهبي وجنيفر لوبيز أكثر مما يهتمون بشارون وبوش. إنه مخطط مدروس؛ طبخة أمريكية-إسرائيلية تُـطبخ على نار باردة في المطابخ الخلفية للموساد والسي آي إي

    Our national identity is decaying from within. Our young men and women have become Americanized and globalized more the Palestinized… They care about the last fashion hits more than about the last suggested solutions for eliminating the Palestinian issue… and they follow the news about Haifa’ Wahbi and Jennifer Lopez more than the news about Sharon and Bosh. It is a well-thought plan; an American-Israeli dish being cooked on a weak flame on the backside kitchens of the Mossad and the C.I.A.

    (A psychology female student at Birzeit University, 12/5/05)

    “ما يجـري هـنا وفي جميـع أنحـاء العالم يـدل على أن الرؤسـاء والمـلوك وأصحاب القـرار في السـياسة أغبـياء إلى حـد مذهـل، ويـكاد غـباؤهم السـياسي يصـل إلى حـد التخـلف العـقـلي. وأكـثر ما يـدل على غـبائهم هو اسـتهتارهم بذكائـنا ومـقدرتـنا على فـهم ألاعـيبهم واكـتشاف غـبائهم… نحـن الـناس البـسطاء، فنحن مادة السـياسة وموضـوعـها، ومصـيرنا هو الضحـية الأولى والأخـيرة لغـباء القـادة والزعـماء.”

    “What is happening here and in the rest of the world reveals without doubt that the presidents and kings and all decision-makers in politics are astonishingly stupid, and their stupidity may reach the extent of mental retardation. And the strongest indication of their stupidity is their underestimation of our intelligence and ability to understand their games and discover their stupidity… we the simple people, who are the stuff and object of politics, because our destiny is the first and last victim of the stupidity of the leaders and politicians.”

    I vegetable salesman in the bazaar of Arrabeh (commenting on the Road Map negotiations and what followed them), 17.6.2003.

    والله هالوطن صار سوبرماركت كبير، واحنا البضاعة، وكلـه ببيعنا وبشترينا وبربح من ورانا واحنا ما معنا خبر. قالوا لفرعون “يا فرعون شو فرعنك؟” قالهم “ما لقيت حدا يردني.”

    The country has become a big supermarket, and we are the stock, and they all sell us and buy us and make money due to us, and we are getting nothing. Faro was once asked “ why are you a faro?” and he said “because there was no one to stop me.”

    A taxi driver from Am3ari Refugee Camp, 22/1/2004

    “إن تكلـمتَ سـتموُت، وإن لم تتكلم ستموت. فمـن الأفضل إذاً أن تتكلـم وتمـوت.”

    “If you talk you are going to die, and if you do not talk you are going to die. It is therefore better that you talk and die.”

    A Palestinian artist citing the Martyred artist Naji el-Ali, 1.7.03.

    إسرائيل دمّرت بيوتنا ويتّمَت أطفالنا ورمّلَت نساءنا واعتدت على عرض بناتنا. ولكن هناك شيء واحد خسرناه وليس لإسرائيل ذنب فيه… وهو احترامنا لأنفسنا.”

    “Israel destroyed our houses, turned our children to orphans, made our women widows and assaulted the honour of our daughters. But one thing we lost and it was not Israel’s fault… It is our self-respect.”

    A lady from Bethlehem, 18.03.03.

    “بتعرف قصة اللي ضـَوَّع حصانه وراح يدوِّر عليه؟ لما رجع سألوه: شو صار؟ قال لهم: لاقيته. قالوا له: وينـُه؟ قال لهم: لاقيت حـَذوة، بعد بس ثلاث حذوات والحصان.
    وإحنا… معنا المفتاح، بس ناقص بيت إلـُه باب، والباب إلـُه قــُدِح للمفتاح…. ناقصنا بس وطن، وشعب يتوحد، وأمه عربية يكون عندها كرامة وضمير.”

    “Do you know the story of the man who lost his horse and went to look for it? When he came back they asked him: What happened? He said: I found it. They asked: Where is it? He said: I found a horseshoe, and it remains only to find the other three horseshoes and the horse itself.
    The same with us. We have a key, but it remains only to find a house with a door, and a keyhole in the door. We only lack a homeland, a united people, and an Arab nation with dignity and conscience.”

    (A refugee man from Zakariya in Hebron, now living in Ramallah, 37 years old, 13/5/2009.)

    “أنا بنتي عمرها أربع سنين. كانت مبارح عم تشوف الأخبار معي ع التلفزيون. سألتني “ماما، ليش هيك الولاد الصغار عم ينقتلوا بغزة ودمهن عم يسيل؟” قلتلها “لأنه في حرب بغزة والطيارات عم تقصف البيوت.” سألتني “ليش في حرب بغزة؟” قلتلها “لأنهن اليهود فاتوا ع غزة وعم يقتلوا الصغار والكبار.” سألتني “ليش هيك بعملوا اليهود؟” قلتلها “لأنهن اليهود ما بحبوا العرب، والعرب ما بحبوا اليهود.” رجعت سألتني “بس هذاك اليوم لما وْقِـعِـت وأخذتيني ع العيادة، الدكتورة اللي حكـّمتني كانت يهودية، وكانت منيحة كثير معي، وقعدت تلعب معي وتضَحِكني، وجَـبّرَتـلي إيدي المكسورة وصارت إيدي… شوفي ما احلاها.”
    حسيت بوَرطة، وما عرفت كيف بدي جاوبها وأنا عم شوف الأطفال اللي بعمر بنتي عم ينذبحوا بغزة بدم بارد. من ناحية، بنتي معها حق، بس أنا بشتغل مع اليهود، وطول فترة الحرب على غزة بسمعهن كلهن بحكوا قديش مبسوطين من اللي بصير في غزة، وبفتخروا بجيشهن وبعتبروهن أبطال بحاربوا الإرهابيين، وأنا وصاحباتي العرب ممنوع نفتح ثمنا بكلمة أو نجيب سيرة الحرب على لسانـّا، وإذا بيّن علينا إنا مش مبسوطات من كلامهن ببَحروا (ببحلقوا) فينا والكراهية بتنقط من عينيهن. مهما كانوا مْـلاح، بظـَل اليهودي يهودي، والعربي لازم يوكل خرا ويسكت.”

    “I have a four year-old daughter. Yesterday she was watching the news on TV together with me. She asked me “Mom, why do little kids get killed in Gaza, and their blood is allover?” I said “Because there is a war in Gaza, and airplanes are bombing people’s homes.” She asked “Why is there war in Gaza?” I said “Because the Jews invaded Gaza, and they are killing people, old and young.” She asked “Why are the Jews doing this?” I said “Because the Jews don’t like Arabs, and the Arabs don’t like Jews.” Then she said “But the other day when I fell and you took me to the clinic, the doctor who treated me was a Jew, and she was good to me, she played with me and made me laugh, and she treated my broken hand and made it well again… look how nice my hand is?”
    I felt embarrassed and did not know how to answer my little daughter while watching children in her age getting slaughtered in Gaza in cold blood. On the one hand, my daughter is right. But I work with Jews in a Jewish workplace, and throughout the war on Gaza I hear them all telling each other how happy they are for what is happening in Gaza and how proud they are of their soldiers whom they consider as heroes killing Arab terrorists, while I and my Arab friends cannot open our mouths at work, and we cannot say a word about the war in Gaza… And if we show any sign of dissatisfaction with their talk, they stir at us with eyes full of hatred. No matter how good they are as persons, they are Jews, and the Arabs have to eat the shit and keep silent.”

    (A young mother chatting with her friends in the waiting room in a dentist clinic in Sakhnin -in the Galilee-, 9/1/2009)