In April, 2002 that tragedy of the Thirties has been repeated but this time on the hand of the Israeli army in a way more brutal and inhuman. Jenin like the other Palestinian cities occupied in 1967 had witnessed all kinds of the Israeli inhuman occupational procedures and practiced all kinds of resistance to repulse that occupation. When the Palestinian National Authority was established after Oslo agreement, Jenin looked forward a better future within a Palestinian independent state. But because of the Israeli procrastinations Palestinians revolted declaring the second Intifada. Jenin has been a fortress of steadiness in front of the Israeli aggressions. Israel described it as the fort of the Palestinian terrorism, thus relentless attacks were committed against it using all the kinds of the strategic weapons.

Jenin today

Jenin lies on an area of 18,799 square KM, 3,973 square KM are inhabited. According to the census of 1997 it contained 3627 buildings, included 5972 residential unities. In 2001 the population reached the number of 30, 637.

Most of the necessary services are available, that it contains 18 schools for males and females, a library, three gyms, a cultural club, ten humanitarian societies, eleven mosques, a church and four shrines.

Concerning health care, it includes two hospitals, 66 clinics, a fire station, police and other government’s bureaus.

On the land of Jenin, Israel established two illegitimate settlements: Kadeem which was established in 1982 and Janim established in 1983.

Jenin Refugee Camp

In 1953 after the catastrophe of 1948 (Al- Nakba) the UNRWA established the camp on a land of 372 acres (now it extends to about 1000 acres). Jenin Refugee Camp contains those who are originally from Haifa. In 2001, the population estimated to 10, 529, it is expected to increase to 11,536 by 2002.

People in the refugee camp practice different kinds of economic activities that there are 161 private sector establishments contain transformational industries, small workshops, restaurants and shops. The educational services are available so that there are 5 schools for both males and females as well as some clinics can be found.

A 23-year-old girl Hanan describes what happened in the first three days of the Israeli attack on Jenin saying: “we had nothing to eat; my sister fainted because of hunger. We almost suffocated of the smokes released from an adjacent burnt house. Sometimes, some fighters sheltered in our place. We were too many so that we finally decided to leave no matter what. Raising white banners with a bunch of women we moved on through the camp. We had to stop when an Israeli sniper opened fire at us, we raised our hands shouting that we were civilians. She said that the Israeli soldiers stopped men and let women go. Halla, Hanan’s sister, said that it was difficult to recognize the camp of Jenin after all this devastation.

After the InvasionVandalizing the Homes

After killing, the Israeli forces called “the snipers” started to burst into houses and destroy their contents. Hassan Abu Na’she’s house was exposed to destruction by the Israeli soldiers who occupied the second floor. Abu Na’she said that his house was a shelter for people who ran from the massacre. Fatheya Abu Na’she said that the Israeli bulldozers demolished a wall of the house rooms. It was only God’s will that saved about 70 people inside the house from death after bulldozing the wall, Fatheya said.

Even the pictures were not left alone. The Israeli soldiers burnt pictures, pictures and children’s toys. They destroyed kitchen contents, blew doors up, killed cattle, vandalized drainage and electricity net and used many electrical sets to shut the doors where their snipers were. Even my sons’ apartments were completely destroyed, Fatheya Abu Na’she said.

Secretary of the Red Cross, individuals from the Red Crescent and I entered the refugee camp of Jenin with the rescue equipment. The Israeli army allowed only a truck and small vehicle to be taken into the camp for rescue. I saw the destruction, I saw the execution of everything alive, I saw the execution of houses, bodies of the dead under the debris, a 60-year-old woman eliminated by a shot in the forehead, four bodies belonged to four old men. The Israeli commander told us that it was only an execution. We took out seven stinking bodies, and when the Israeli army refused to let us to enter the equipment. Since we were not able to do our jobs we agreed with the Red Cross to call for an international committee for salvation”.

Ahmed Farraj (70) described his experience by saying that he and his family had to seek a shelter in the bed room considering it safer than the other ones. After three days I asked them to leave the house, the only thing I was thinking of was saving them, he said. He stayed at home while his wife and daughters empty-handedly left the house for some relatives outside Jenin camp. I waited alone for 24 hours, but eventually I had to leave the house for a safer place when I saw the Israeli military bulldozers heading towards me, he added. Some people told him that his son was killed, some one saw his body, while his other son appeared few days later. I will ask people if they saw her (his wife) and my daughters…I am a dead man, but I still have part of my family to look after, sadly said. Answering a question whether he is going to rebuild his house he said: how do you want me to rebuild it? I lost all of what I had, I don’t have any money for that. While talking to Ahmed Farraj another old man slowly approached. He was also alone, doesn’t know any thing about his family who left the house which was demolished by the Israeli army. Israeli children go to schools, play and swim…but this is our sea (pointing to the debris), all cases have solution except ours, the old man indignantly said. ( Al-Quds Newspaper 22nd. April.2002)

This is one of the many massacres that has been committed against our people in Palestine for resisting . May they rest in peace.


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    May Allah rest their souls, and make this easy on their families ameen. Easy said but meant from the deepest part of my heart.

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