Life in a North American town – The ignorance that surrounds them.


I am sitting in the library right now not knowing what to do. I have many things on my mind and many more things to do yet I always get lazy and do it at the last minute and it turns out pretty bad at the end. I am upset, mad, frustrated… In pain. I live in a town where people live in their own little bubble not knowing anything! I want to talk, discuss, argue or debate and yet no one is there to share those common traits. It’s killing me! I want to get a little clip and pop that bubble! “POP!” get a life and start reading international news maybe? Local news isn’t going to help you at all.

It frustrates me the fact that they only read the 5 page local news paper and don’t care about the rest of the world. I bet they knew about the Haiti earthquake a week ago… Last year after the Gaza war I was sitting in class and I turned around to my friend to talk to her so I asked her if she heard about the war.

‘What war?’ she replied.

‘Oh my God Cassandra! You better not tell me you don’t know’ I said.

‘Farah, is this another hours of news you’re about to start?’ she looked at me with a look that I knew too well.

She wasn’t interested. Exactly! People aren’t interested around here. They live for their day and the want to enjoy it.

God… I hate this town and the ignorant people in it. Please don’t blab about the word “hate”. I didn’t mean it that way. It just bugs me so much!


One Response to “Life in a North American town – The ignorance that surrounds them.”

  1. kinziblogs Says:

    Hi Pal Rose! thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    I must say, having lived in both places, Amman and small towns, I am finding that small town folks are more open than Ammanis. After several discussions it seems that there is not a set narrative here, and people are open to learning more. In Amman, the narratives are set in stone, the stereotypes of granite, and no amount of new info will influence.

    Just my two piasters, after a week back in rural America. 🙂

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