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List of “Israeli” Massacres Against Lebanon Since 1948

April 27, 2010


  • Qana Massacre #1 on Apr 18, 1996
  • Nabatiyeh Massacre on Apr 18, 1996
  • Mansouri Ambulance Massacre on Apr 13, 1996
  • Al-Zahrani Massacre in 1994
  • Aitaroun Massacre in 1989
  • Iqleem al-Toffah Massacre in 1985
  • Bier al-Abed Massacre in 1985
  • Sohmor Massacre in 1984
  • Sabra and Shatila Massacres in 1982 (2nd invasion)
  • Al-Abbasiyeh Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Khiam Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Adloun Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Kawneen Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Rashaya Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Al-Ouzaii Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)
  • Bint Jbeil Massacre in 1976
  • Aitaroun Massacre on May 17, 1975
  • Yareen Massacre in 1974
  • Hanin Massacre on Nov 26, 1967
  • Houla Massacre #2 in 1967
  • Houla Massacre #1 in 1949
  • Salha Mosque Massacre in 1948

  • Brital Massacre on Aug 14
  • Ali Nahri Village Massacre on Aug 13
  • Bourj Al-Shamali Massacre #2 on Aug 13
  • Jibsheet Massacre on Aug 13
  • Al-Tayri Massacre on Aug 13
  • Rwais Massacre in Aug 13
  • Rshaf Massacre on Aug 12
  • Kharaib Massacre on Aug 12
  • Marjeyoun Convoy Massacre on Aug 11
  • Akkar Massacre on Aug 11
  • Mashghara Massacre on Aug 9
  • Ghaziyi Massacre #2 on Aug 8
  • Shiah Massacre on Aug 7
  • Ghaziyi Massacre #1 on Aug 7
  • Houla Massacre on Aug 7
  • Ansar Massacre on Aug 6
  • Qaa Massacre on Aug 4
  • Taibeh Massacre on Aug 4
  • Maaroub Massacre on Aug 1
  • Harees Massacre on July 31
  • Qana Massacre #2 on July 30
  • Srifa Massacre on July 29
  • Yater Massacre #2 on July 28
  • Deir Qanoun Massacre on July 28
  • Nabatiyeh Massacre #2 on July 25
  • Silaa Massacre on July 19
  • Ainata Massacre on July 19
  • Sour/Tyre Massacre #2 on July 19
  • Nabatiyeh Massacre #1 on July 19
  • Nabi Sheet Masscre on july 19
  • Al-Hawsh Massacre on July 17
  • Al-Rmayleh Massacre on July 17
  • Ebba Massacre on July 16
  • Tyre Civil Defense Massacre #1 on July 16
  • Borj El-Shamali Massacre #1 on July 16
  • Aitaroun Massacre #2 on July 16
  • Marwaheen Massacre on July 15
  • Zebqeen Massacre on July 14
  • Baraasheet Massacre on July 14
  • Yater Massacre #1 on July 14
  • Dwair Massacre on July 13
  • Aitaroun Massacre #1 on July 12
  • Note: This condensed list does not contain all the “Israeli” massacres. There are hundreds of other Massacres including those committed against the Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians.


    Qana Massacre • April 18.1996-2010

    April 9, 2010


    Qana Massacre 

    18 April 1996, The “ethnic cleansing” operations carried out by the Zionist terrorist army have encompassed not only Palestinian civilians, but Lebanese civilians in south Lebanon as well.
    In an attempt to break the power of the Lebanese Hizbollah organization, Zionist forces undertook a military operation against south Lebanon. This operation was likewise based upon the Zionist mentality, supportive as it is of blood-letting and terrorism and based upon the belief that “exercising pressure against Lebanese citizens . . . Will lead in practical terms to comprehensive, overall pressure on account of which the Hizbollah organization will be obliged to adhere to a ceasefire.”59 Given this reasoning, the Zionist forces bombed the shelter which was providing refuge to approximately five hundred Lebanese, most of whom were children, elderly and women who had been forced out of their homes by Israeli raids on their villages, andwho had been unable to get to Beirut. This bombing led to the deaths of 109 Lebanese civilians and seriously wounded 116 others. During the attack, Israeli forces used between 5 and 6 advanced bombs designed to explode above their target in order to cause the largest possible number of casualties. Moreover,international investigations confirmed that the Israeli forces had deliberately targeted  the shelter.60      


    Ali, one of those wounded in the attack, says, “I fled in the morning with two friends and went for refuge to the emergency forces in Qana. I had my wife and my four children with me. They led us into a shelter where there were about fifty people. Then suddenly the sound of bombing rang out. A first shell, then a second fell near the shelter, and as we were trying to get out, another shell hit the shelter directly. I don’t know what happened to my wife and children.”61 Fadi Jabir weeps as he talks about things he saw after the Israeli bombs fell on those who had left their homes to come to the base for the UN Fayjiya peace-keeping forces. He says, “I heard people shouting ‘Allahu akbar!’, and a woman fell down unconscious. I reached out to get an idea what had happened to her, and her brain fell into my hand.”62 As for Sa’d AllahBalhas, who was wounded by a piece of shrapnel in the Zionist massacre, he says, “In one second I lost everything: my children, 14 of my grandchildren, and my wife. I don’t want to live anymore. Tell the doctors to let me die.”63

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