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May15th, 1948

February 26, 2010

A date that is so hard to forget and will never be forgotten. This date is usually referred to as Al-Nakba (day of the catastrophe).  I always feel upset by this time of the year and usually at all times when this date crosses my mind. I envy those Zionists who get to go in and out of Palestine and I can’t. I literally had to stand in the boiling sun for countless hours trying to get in Gaza but no use.

Why can’t people understand that this land is ours whether they like it or not.  Palestinians are abused everyday, kicked out of their houses and told to leave. Ask yourself how would you feel if one day a visitor comes to your house and then takes it over and kicks you out? Won’t you be mad? Don’t say “No” because I am 180% sure you will be.  I have the full right to be upset at the moment because it drives me crazy whenever I talk about this particular subject people tell me to calm down and it’s okay, well hell no! It’s not okay! what makes it okay? being kicked out of your land because a racist tribe of people decided to own the land and claim it theirs. Then decided to call Palestine “Israel”. For God’s sake those people are “normal” people in an abnormal region. They do NOT belong here! They lived in Europe, India and other places and suddenly they claim Palestine as their Jewish homeland, ridiculous!

If you’re about to call me anti-Semite then go ahead, you know why? Because I don’t give a crap. I know myself better. I am not against Jews nor any people with belief. I am against and highly against Zionism . Zionsim itself promotes anti-Semitism.

Palestinians have been ever since 1948 fighting for their right to return, I am one of those Palestinians who lives at the end of the world fights on a daily basis for my right to return. Within my self and with my friends. I fight to educated them and open their eyes because what the media says about us is absolutely not right. We are not barbarians, we are not terrorists and NO! we are not criminals. We are highly educated people, with great open minds.  

In conclusion… This day means a great deal to me. One day I hope Palestine will be free before I die and be able to visit my beloved country.