So, I don’t know what made me want to write today just a few hours before my plane but I really needed to have a word of my own to myself and to others. I sense that people think I am a little too much on the whole Palestine/Israel issue and that I am showing  off as some called it but I am not. I want to speak out for those who don’t have voice. For those who live on a buck or two per day. I speak and shout and yell out my lungs for those mothers who are being raped and prisoned.  The kids in the street who their only weapon is the stones on the side of the street going against a massive gigantic tank. The next day… You hear their death on the radio.

I live afar… Far away from my land. From the kids, the mothers, the daughters, the fathers, the people! My people… Yet, I still call myself one of them.

I feel fortunate. No, call it selfishness. I am away from all these fears my people have to face everyday. I am not one of the girls that are raped or murdered. My family is not that family that is shot in cold blood. Nor do I live in that house that may be bombed tonight.

I am fortunate that I have a voice. A voice that is loud and strong. A voice to the voiceless. Is this really what selfishness is?

I cry and sob everyday from my mothers, and my sisters who live in Palestine under the Zionist occupation waiting for liberation..  A near impossible dream or maybe a far dream that we still have to reach. I shout and mourn wanting a land of my own… A land where I can live peacefully and my people living happily. Is this still selfish? Am I asking for too much?

That’s what every Palestinian want… A land of their own. They want Palestine. I want Palestine.

P.s. If you have a voice, share it with the voiceless. You maybe once in their place and wish you had a voice to speak for the injustice and for your dreams.


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